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VGA to HDMI Converter

Model No:VC-100VHA
Convert any VGA with audio into perfect HDMI video signal with integrated audio。This converter includes a scaling capability that will fit numerous VGA and Component Video resolutions to your HDMI TV
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  • Convert VGA and audio signal to HDMI output
  • Supports PC resolution up to 1920*1080 @60Hz
  • Easy to install , Plug & Play
  • Need DC 5V Power
  • With 15cm VGA  cable 
  • VGA With screw hall / easy fasten


Spec. VC-100VHA
Input Port 1*VGA HD-15 male + 1* 3.5mm Audio Jack
Output Port 1*HDMI 19pin female
Resolution 1920x1080 max.
Bandwidth 1.65Gps
HDMI ver. HDMI 1.2
Material Plastic
Size 46L x 48W x 15H mm
Power Required DC5V / 0.5A 


  1. VC-100VHA
  2.  1.8m USB/PS2 Power Cable x1
  3.  1.8m Audio cable x1