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RS-232 Line Booster

Model No:RLB-232
The Sunbox RS-232 Line Booster is an economical hardware solution to control a RS-232 device up to distances of 150 feet. The Booster provides full duplex transmission and hardware handshake signals, just connect and work, without the need for any set up or troubled configurations.
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  • Standard RS-232 DCE (DB9-F) to DTE (DB9-M)  Interface
  • With  DB-9 / F &  DB-9 / M Connectors 
  • Easy to install , Plug & Play
  • Fully compliant with RS-232 Spec.
  • With double colors LED appeared power / TXD / RXD 
  • Fit display of RS-232 working
  • RS-232 DTE connecter : DB9 - M 
  • RS-232 DCE connecter : DB9 - F
  • Line extener 150 feet (45 meters)
  • Data rate : Up to 250 K bps   
  • With TTL Single Booster
  • Stander RS-232 I/O
  • 5V Power required   
  • Housing : Plastic
  • Weight : 55g
  • Dimensions (L*W*H) : 45 * 35 * 21 ( mm )    


Model no. RLB-232
Serial Port 1 Input Port & 1 Output Port
LED Power / TXD / RXD 
Speed 250Kbps /max.
Power DC 5V
Size 45*35 *21 mm (W*D*H)
Weight 55g





Question:  Why  RLB-232 must install an external to drive the device ? 

ANS: The RS-232 output of the early computer was designed with standard +-12V, so you can take electricity from the signal line for any use.

But, now the newly designed RS-232 port’s output voltage has fallen to +- 6.5V~9V.  If you want to extract power from the signal line  to drive the Repeater, it will not be enough, and even affect the signal transmission speed. 
At present, there is no RS-232 port equipped for most computers and tablets, and many of them are turned out with USB. This will cause the quality of the output voltage to be different. If used in two-way asynchronous transmission with only two TX-RX signals, there is no other foot of the DB-9 can supply electricity.
So SUNBOX uses a standard external power supply design (external 5V voltage). With this, you don't have to worry about the transmission speed and power shortage when using it.