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RS485 Distributor

Model No:RS-104
RS-104 is serial data distributor and similar to a repeaters, gives serial data back on 4 outputs at the same time, allowing perfect configurations. The transmission in RS485 and takes places at the same time on all 4 outputs. The receiving mode of the input can be selected in RS485 or RS232
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  1. Input option: 1 x RS232, 2 x RS485 (3 input can be “stand by” status at the same time, but only one controller will be activated at once)  
  2. Output: 4xRS485, each channel connection range up to 1,200 meters by twisted pair cable
  3. Built in surge protection at each channel
  4. Each input/output is isolated
  5. Ability to cascade connection to other units RS104 / RS108 / RS116
  6. The application gives serial data back on 4 outputs at the same time, to provide perfect configurations
  7. Power supply included



Model no. RS-104
Input Connector DB-9 (RS232 ) x 1,2-pin terminal block (RS485) x 2
Output Connector 2-pin terminal block x 4
Output Interface RS485
Transmission 1,200 meters
Baud Rate 115.2 kbps
Power Consumption 350mA
Power Supply DC 12V, 500mA 
Environment Operating Temp : 0~55℃;  Storage Temp : -20 to 70℃; Humidity: up to 95%
Dimension 133*76*44 mm  /(WHD)
Weight 450g


  1. RS-104
  2. DC12V  0.5A Power Adapter
  3. 1.8m DB9M-F Cable
  4. User manual