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RS232 Cat5 Extender

Model No:RE-232
The CAT5 RS-232 Extender is a low cost, hardware-based solution providing remote access and control of any RS-232 protocol device. With regular RS-232 devices you are limited to an immediate area of control. The CAT5 RS-232 Extender extends control over 2000M away. This provides you with a tremendous amount of flexibility in your topology. Now you can place RS-232 devices in any location you want and control them remotely. The RS-232 Extender also provides full duplex transmission and is compatible with all RS-232 protocols
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  • Extends any RS232 compliant devices up to 2000 meters at 115200bps
  • Use only One CAT5/5E cable
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Full-duplex data communication 
  • High speed up to 115,200 bps
  • Complete transmission of all pin RS-232C signals
  • Transmission Signal: DCD、RX、TX、DTR、DSR、RTS、CTS、RI.
  • External power supply included


Model no. RE-232
Serial Port Local  RS232 port :DB-9 female
Remote RS232 port  DB-9 male
Speed:300 bps ~ 115.2K bps
RS-232 Pins:CD, RxD, TxD, DTR,GND,DSR, RTS, CTS, RI 
DB-9 Pins  Pin 1 – Carrier Detect
Pin 2 - Received Data
Pin 3 - Transmit Data
Pin 4 - Data Terminal Ready
Pin 5 - Signal Ground
Pin 6 - Data Set Ready
Pin 7 - Request To Send
Pin 8 - Clear To Send
Pin 9 – Ring Indicator
Power Supply  DC5V, 1.0A  
Environments Operation Temperature: 0 ~ +55℃  ;  Storage Termperature: -20 ~ +85℃
Size 67*75 * 27 mm (W*D*H)
Approvals CE / FCC 、RoHS  


  1. RE-232-1 TX & RX  @1pcs
  2. DC5V 1.0A  Power adapter x 2pcs
  3. 1.8m 9M/9F  (one ot one ) x1pcs
  4. User manual